12 Year Old Success

A young 12 year old boy wanted to earn extra money.  His parents said to look around the attic, garage, and basement and see what items he could take to the flea market to earn some extra money. Over the years they acquired lots of ‘stuff.’

Well that industrious lad found about 40 items from furniture pieces from his grandparents, to lamps, tools, automobile accessories, and just lots of bric-a-brac. He checked with Mom and Dad to make sure they were okay with selling this stuff and then he and dad loaded up the truck.  They headed to the area Flea Market and set up a space to display their wares.  

Things started off slow but as the day picked up buyers headed to his location and at the end of the day all but 4 pieces had sold.  His take for the day was $1022. 

While you may not have lots of valuable in your basement, my instructional videos will help you identify which items to focus on, where to buy and sell in-demand items, and how you can get started on the road to Antique Sales success.