5 Items of Value That Could Be In Your Home Right Now

What you may consider junk sitting in your basement, attic or garage could be incredibly valuable to collectors of many old, classic, or hard to find novelties, household items, and more.

Five items that could be worth real hundreds or thousands of dollars are collecting dust in your home right now.  While there are certainly hundreds of items of value we are listing here 5 common ones that collectors love to buy:

  1. Artwork: These could be old paintings, prints, or statues that may have no significance to you, but are prized by auction houses and collectors.  The trick is in knowing what you have.  One appraisal expert was recently brought a Chinese painting that had been insured for $7,000, but with her knowledge about the artist, she was able to get $690,000 for it at auction.
  2. Rugs: Oriental rugs fluctuate in the market but many with unique designs sell for over $10,000. Learn how to get the best appraisal on these items.
  3. Samplers and Quilts: These items from the 19th Century can be worth a lot of money and everything ‘Authentic Americana’ is bringing top dollar at auction houses.
  4. Signed Historic Documents: Maybe your grandparents have a letter from a famous politician or President just sitting in the old attic trunk.   Military documents, discharge papers, ribbons and medals are also of great value to Military Collectors.
  5. Vintage Watches: Antique pocket watches, especially those wound with a key could bring in lots of money.  There is a broad market of watch collectors who pay top dollar for older watches.  Check those drawers, cupboards, and trunks to see what could be a windfall for you.

Of course there are many other items that can generate thousands in profits, and Fran Taylor discusses a number of these opportunities and how you can leverage his advice to earn big dollars.